USB Device 2.0

This custom USB device was designed to emulate different types of USB devices such as mice and keyboards. The software is based on the V-USB protocol. The enclosure is a standard one from New Age Enclosures. Eagle files and AVR Studio code is available on the right.

This time it did fit in the enclosure (a New Age Enclosures P-180804). A small hole in the enclosure allows for a button, in future revisions I will add a reset button to fit under that hole. The slot cut out is to allow access to the ICSP header for reprogramming.

Currently the device works as a custom mouse, using the firmware examples from V-USB. You can download the project files (code, eagle schematic + board) at the right. My idea for a future version is putting a USB bootloader into the chip, so that through the computer itself, you can reconfigure the device to emulate many different types of devices.

Notes for future revisions:

  • Fix USB connector layout
  • Add reset switch
  • Use diodes instead of LEDs

USB Device 1.0

This was the first version of the USB device. I had the enclosure planned out from the start, and I used the PCB dimensions from the datasheet of the enclosure – but they turned out to be wrong. On top of that, I had put a resistor in the wrong place on the schematic, so the entire device ended up not working. Well, time for the next revision…

Project Files

Download Files