DIY Amplified Speakers

Based on the TDA2822M

Why buy speakers when you can make your own? Here's a set of speakers I built around the TDA2822M amplifier.
The schematic is the reccomended one from the datasheet. A 10k log dual-gang potentiometer adjusts the volume. With the little 1.5" speakers, the volume is not very high, so I will need to get some larger ones with enclosures.

There is an onboard 3.5mm audio jack, and it is connected to a MP3 player or computer through a 3.5mm male to male cable. It is powered by any Dc power supply - I usually use an old 7.2v RC car battery pack.

Right now the little SMD 2822 chip gets pretty warm while on full volume, so I will need to add a heatsink to it.

Eagle source files