The Grand Free Samples List

Here is a collection I have accumulated over time of the manufacturers that will (or will not) give free samples. Please, when ordering samples, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Do not resell samples, it is dishonorable.
  • Only order samples if you will use them. If you don't know what a bridge rectifier is, don't sample it!
  • Avoid using yahoo, gmail, live, or other free email accounts. If possible, use a custom domain email account, or a edu account.
  • Do not order too often - once a week is pushing the limits.
  • Be prepared to be contacted by phone.
  • If you do not have a company, just put "student" or "hobbyist".

The List

The list is available in .docx format here.
The Grand Free Samples List

I apologize for the docx format, I do not have enough time to put everything on the web site. You can use OpenOffice Writer to open the docx file if you are not on a Windows system or don't have at least Office 2007.


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