Eagle Project: Success!

10 Recycling bin structures were completed on August 28th, 2010

9 of the bins in a row

Principal Dr. Glazer is happy

A word of thanks to all

Troop 1104
My family
TJHSST - Dr.Glazer, Mr.DeRose, Dr.Sondell, Alex

Thanks to my sponsors

The Coca-Cola Company- Mr. Tommy McCord and Mr. Mark Root
Coca Cola donated $1700 worth of recycling bins

(Fun fact: The white barrels are actually retired storage containers for the Coca Cola syrup. Once the barrels reach the end of their syrupy lives, Coca Cola reuses them as recycling bins.)

The Home Depot - donated $175 worth of coupons

The Korea Times
Readers donated $140 for flowers

Instructions for Victor Youk's Eagle Project

These instructions were provided to the scouts before the project in order to prepare them.

Project Information:

Start time: 9:00 AM

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
6560 Braddock Road
Alexandria 22312

TJ Main Office: 703-750-8300


It would be a great help, and would speed up the project significantly, if you could bring in power drills, either corded or cordless. We will be constructing several recycle bins simultaneously, so every drill we get will save incredible amounts of time!

Along with the drills, we need drill bits and phillips head screwdriving bits. We are in need of three sizes, one small one for pilot holes at 1/8" or 7/64" diameter. One medium sized one at 3/16" or 13/64" diameter. One large one, at around 1/2" diameter, or somewhere around there. If you have similar sizes feel free to bring them in, "good enough" will do just great here!

For personal use, we recommend work gloves, however for any in need, we will bring a small stockpile of gloves. We also will provide dust masks. The recycle bins will be painted once assembled, so wear older clothes you won't mind getting paint splotches on.

Copies of the following instructions will be provided to scouts on project day. No need to memorize these or print them out! Please read them for reference and so that you have a general idea of how things will turn out. The mounts you see here are just examples and will not be counted for the official eagle project

The majority of the work done will consist of screwing wood pieces together. It is important that we all understand how this should be done, so that the completed assembly will be strong and last for years!

  1. Drill a pilot hole using the small drill bit. The hole should extend through both pieces of wood. If the drill bit is too short, you may have to make passes from both ends of the wood
  2. Drill a hole using the medium drill bit. The hole should extend through only the first piece of wood. The diameter of the bit should be large enough so that the screw can slide in and out fairly easily.
  3. If the screw head needs to be recessed into the wood (will show later), use the large 1/2" bit to drill a hole about halfway through the first piece of wood.
  4. Use a screwdriving bit to screw the assembly together.

Reference Image

Shown here is a general overview of the parts used to construct the mount

The first step is to drill the bin mount holes in the 4x4 post. Use the 1/2" drill bit to drill just slightly under the angle. Make sure this is perfectly perpendicular.

How to assemble the parts

  1. Using a pencil and ruler/tape measure, find the center of part A and place part E on the center. Make sure part E is oriented correctly with the angled side facing outwards! Attach using two small screws. Repeat this step for the other side.
  2. Next, we have to form the base by attaching the two A parts with the two B parts. The peices should form a rectangle. Use a long screw on each corner. These screws must be recessed as otherwise the 4" screws will not be long enough. Make sure that the angles on the 4x4 post are facing outwards!
  3. Now we will reinforce the base we just built - you can probably tell it's a little rickety. On top of the joints, place the four C parts. Screw in one small screw straight down through the C part into the A part. Now use another small screw, and attach it at an angle into part E, the 4x4 post.
  4. Finally it is time for the angle pieces. Place them so they brace the 4x4 post and part C. Use two long screws to screw together part D (the angle piece), part C, AND part B. The screw should be long enough to penetrate all three layers of wood. You will have to recess these screws as well.
  5. Using two small screws, attach the top end of the angle piece to the 4x4 post. These will need to be slightly recessed as well.